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Cold Dawn

Cold Dawn by James Ellson
Cold Dawn by James Ellson

Also longlisted for the Boardman Tasker award for mountain literature.

‘Stylish, authoritative crime writing from someone who knows . . . vivid and gripping’

Oliver Harris

‘A gripping and clever thriller in a magnificent setting . . . I loved it’

Sarah Ward

The second book in the critically acclaimed DCI Castle series.

Against the rules, Manchester DCI Rick Castle removes a prisoner from Strangeways and returns to Nepal.
His aim: to bring to justice his nemesis Hant Khetan, rumoured to be the next Osama Bin Laden.
When the prisoner escapes, Rick and his small team must search for him along the paths of the Everest foothills. Trekking in the shadow of snow-capped mountains and through earthquake-flattened villages, Rick becomes increasingly desperate.
If they can’t find him, Rick can’t even begin . . .

DCI Rick Castle is back in Nepal. Let the manhunts begin.