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The Nepal Trilogy (The Trail, Cold Dawn and Cold Summer)


The first three books in the DCI Castle series.

The first three books in the DCI Castle series:

The Trail

A missing person enquiry leads Manchester DCI Rick Castle to Nepal.

Manchester. DCI Rick Castle is inspecting his bees when his boss phones. A minor cannabis dealer has been reported missing. His father’s a war hero.
Rick flies to Nepal, and heads up the trail. Through villages of staring children and fluttering prayer-flags. Brilliant blue skies, and snow-capped mountains.
He finds a dead body.
Then a second.
Nothing in this world was ever straightforward. Nothing.
Finally, he puts himself in the firing line, and has a decision to make. Is it the right one? The moral one?

Cold Dawn

Against the rules, Manchester DCI Rick Castle removes a prisoner from Strangeways and returns to Nepal.
His aim: to bring to justice his nemesis Hant Khetan, rumoured to be the next Osama Bin Laden.
When the prisoner escapes, Rick and his small team must search for him along the paths of the Everest foothills. Trekking in the shadow of snow-capped mountains and through earthquake-flattened villages, Rick becomes increasingly desperate.
If they can’t find him, Rick can’t even begin . . .

DCI Rick Castle is back in Nepal. Let the manhunts begin.

Cold Summer

A race against time as DI Castle hunts for two wanted suspects before they kill each other.
Manchester, England, the European migration crisis rampant . . .
On the site of a disused supermarket, the hidden compartment of an articulated lorry is being unloaded. At the same time, a prisoner escapes from Strangeways.
Are the two things connected?
DI Rick Castle, recently demoted but inspirational, starts to investigate . . .

Nothing will be the same again.